Surprising similarities between YOGA and TRAVEL

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Who looks for next place to travel on the return journey of the current one…??

I am sure, A lot of you can relate to that. I am so happy to connect with all of you fellow travellers.

And yoga..!! Oh that has been a life changer..!! I Who else on the same page?

So my blog is new. There are so many things I want to write about. And when you have so much to put on paper, you often get so excited about where to start from.

Then I thought about some of my favourite things to do. And my soul took no time to reply back with TRAVEL and YOGA. And I started writing. And I was amazed at these strikingly beautiful similarities between them. Choose the points you can relate the most to, Let me know in the comments below.

1. Yoga and travel teach us to be in the now.

Yoga is all about that. Isn’t it?

And traveling is also all about that if you choose to. How you forget everything else when you get engrossed in the vibes and beauty of the place..!!

2. They teach us that journey is better than the destination

I know I can’t do so many asanas. I know how I could do nothing when I started out. Why think of all that? I enjoyed my practice today and that’s more important. Isn’t it? Aren’t you happier when you stop worrying about the results and enjoy the process instead?

There have been multiple times during my train journeys across India, the trains had got delayed hopelessly..!! (I know that’s relatable to many, haha). Yes I fret too. But over years, I am learning to enjoy the journey more than worrying about the final destination. Because who said, you’ll be surely happy when you reach your destination?

3. They open your mind to endless possibilities

When I went to my first yoga class, four years ago, I thought that my body was actually a stick. Impossible to bend. Or it would break if I try too hard. But I had no idea that after a month of going to my yoga classes, I could bend, twist and do so many things which I assumed were impossible for me. That was the day I got to know that there are endless possibilities for you in this universe. You just have to believe that. And this belief is strengthening everyday since then.

Like that, even traveling opens your mind to soooooo many possibilities. You learn from everything..!! Different food, cultures, people, places..!!


4. Both make you feel free and liberated

Both teach you to let go and not be attached to your problems. And when you start practising this, You feel light, happy, free and liberated. Do you agree?


5. They teach you to enjoy your own company

When you are on a journey of practising yoga, you’ll start falling in love with yourself. You’ll be happy alone. It doesn’t scare you anymore to be alone.

It’s the same with travelling. I did my first solo trip to Singapore a few months ago. And I was amazed how I loved my own company so much.

Share your experience if you love your own company. And if not, What bothers you? I would love to offer some help.

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6. They fill your heart with happiness

Yoga is happiness.

Travel is happiness.

Compact, yet says my heart out…!!

7. You learn to accept ‘not-so-pleasant’ experiences also with grace

There have been difficult times during my yoga practice. Sometimes I have hurt my back (yes that’s as common as you think). Sometimes, I have not been able to be even close to dhyana and meditation. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing my practice. And all that is ok. I am learning to take these experiences on a positive note and growing with them. So, next time something is unpleasant, don’t let it frustrate you. It’s ok. It really is. Give yourself some time. And some positive words and everything would seem better. 

8. They make you let go of your fears

Whether it was about falling off while trying headstands or deciding to do paragliding during my Swiss holiday, both yoga and traveling has taught me to let go of my fears. Share your stories about how either has helped you let go of your fears. I am sure there are many, would love to know.

9. They relax you

No doubt about that…!!


10. They make you feel more grateful

Yoga and travelling both has taught me that life is full of small miracles. We just need to notice them. When we notice what we have more than what we don’t, we are grateful and happy. What are the three things you are most grateful for in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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I loved writing this. Pour in your experience and thoughts and may be share your favourite yoga or travel stories.

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Travel more. Breathe deeply. And go where you feel the most alive..!!!