11 Practical tips to never miss a morning workout

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1. Prepare the night before

So, you finally struggle to wake up, and with eyes half open, a scary thought haunts you that you don’t have any workout clothes or may be, you would have to really search for that one black lower you have. And may be it’s in the laundry…!!! So you decide to start from tomorrow..!!! Think over it. It’s time to stop making this excuse every time. Keep everything you need for your workout at one place, the night before. Not only will you be motivated, You’ll be surprised to see how much time you save in the morning. Also, Make sure you invest in some good workout clothes and shoes if needed.

2. SLEEP on time

Because sleeping at 3 a.m. makes it difficult (Sometimes, impossible) to wake up in the morning. Sarcasm.

3. Set an alarm and place the alarm out of reach

I have seen people setting up 5 different alarms, which they also snooze for 5 times each…!!! Stop doing that. By doing that, not only do you actually waste more time, but also get irritated. Set a single alarm for the time you have decided to wake up. And don’t snooze it. Preferably, Place the alarm a little far away so that you have to get out of your bed to switch it off.

Set an early alarm

4. SORT your pre-workout and post-workout MEALS

Don’t waste your time in the morning thinking what to eat before and after your workout. Plan for it the day before. Sometimes it’s not the lack of time which is making you miss your workout, but lack of right planning.

Sort your pre-workout and post-workout meals

5. Reduce your morning chores

Again, to save time. I know there are so many things to be done in the morning. But, see if you could do some of them, the previous night. Reschedule some for later in the evening. For example, the night before, you could set your office bag, pre-decide and iron your office clothes, chop veggies for your meals, fill up water bottles, organize your room, polish your shoes, etc. etc.


Not only, it’s more fun working out with a friend, but also, when you know that someone is actually waiting for you, the chances of you going for your workout increases.

Workout with a friend

7. Have an awesome playlist

Sometimes, I run a mile more because of my awesome playlist. Seriously. Who else loves music?

Music for workouts

8. Know that you are doing it because it’s good for you

Just tell yourself that you are going to exercise, because it’s good for your body. It’s just for you. Make workouts like a treat for yourself, not a punishment. Don’t love yourself enough to take care of your body? Read this.

9. Opt for the workout you love

Don’t go for a yoga class if you don’t like yoga. Do what you like. Go run if that’s your thing. If you feel you are a gym person, take that freaking membership. Opt for something you would want to wake up to.

Do what you love

10. Don’t wait to start from next MONDAY

Not again.

11. Have some MOTIVATION and make a plan

This is very important. You need to figure out your motive to workout. Of course, the idea is to get healthy and remain fit, but what beyond that? Do you want to lose weight? Build muscles? Tone up? Build better stamina? Increase flexibility? It’s very important to understand what you want and plan accordingly. When you are clear about what you want, you can even track your achievements easily. And that, in return, keeps you going..!!!

Morning workout

Mornings are beautiful. I love to make most of my mornings. Though, there are so many beautiful things to do in the morning to make your day more fruitful, these are a few essential morning practices you can’t afford to miss.

And, Any more tips to not miss your morning work out? Comment your ideas below.