Shocking misconceptions people have about food..!!!

The story of White rice

You have to, have to read this…!!

So, I was in Singapore a few days back. I was sitting at an Indian restaurant and having my lunch. The tables in the restaurant were so closely arranged, that there was ‘just enough’ space for one person to manage to slide in and out to grab the seat. So, to the table next to mine, was sitting an Indian family of four, looking at the menu and wondering what to order. I could see that everyone was fairly overweight. Also, how much ever I tried not to, I could not help but overhear their conversation because they were so close.

“Let’s have rice”, said one of them.
“No, not rice”, said the other.

And the funny part comes when he continued, “Rice will make us fat. Plus, it’s white rice. I think, we should avoid. Let’s order chole bature…!!”


And so they ordered 4 big plates of chole bature, one for each of them. Plus a Diet Coke. I was totally totally amused and then, worried. Soooooo worried at the way so many of us have such big misconceptions about food. I couldn’t take it and thought of striking a conversation with them and tell them that the steamed rice are way too healthier than a big fried oily maida batura..!! So I talked. I asked about how their trip was going. What all places did they see till now. And when I was thinking of telling them in a polite manner about what I wanted to say, their order had come and they were already ready to dig in, I thought to myself, “May be it’s not a good idea. Let them enjoy their meal.”

But, at that very moment, I had decided that I’ll go back home and this is going to be the first thing I am going to write about. Because I felt so bad that I couldn’t correct them. But may be, I can correct someone else…!!

What should you do?

Guys..!!! Inform yourself better. Read more. No food is bad. Most of the times, the way any food is prepared, makes it healthy or unhealthy. White rice is not bad. Potatoes are not fattening. You can have bananas and not get fat. And yes certain fats are healthy and you should eat fats…!!! All this might sound odd to you. but it’s true. Don’t blindly believe whatever anyone is telling you.

And even eating ‘chole bature’ on a vacation is not that bad. Common…!! What was bad was the misconceptions they had about food. Don’t punish yourself. Don’t misinform yourself about food and, at the same time,  don’t depriving yourself of your favourite food.

Always remember, You don’t harm yourself by what you do ‘SOMETIMES’. You harm yourself by what you do ‘MOST OF THE TIMES’. So enjoy your cheat meals. Make a balance. Don’t be harsh on your body.

They say, ‘Half Knowledge is worse than ignorance’.
How true…!!!!

Guys, Pour in your comments, would love to hear from you about what you feel about this incident.



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