23 Easy Self-Care tips that will change your life

To love yourself, you need to first start taking care of yourself. If required, read this article everyday until you get addicted to SELF CARE.

1. Eat good food

Eating crappy food all the time means you don’t care for yourself enough. Giving nourishing, nutrient-rich food to the body is the most important form of self care and self love. Treat your body with good food and it will love you back.


2. Indulge in cheat meals if you feel like

I know you must be thinking that this is opposite of what I just said. It’s not. It’s important to eat healthy food 80% – 90% of the times. But at the same time, Don’t stop yourself from eating that piece of brownie or indulging in cheat meals when you truly feel like. Nourish your mind by giving it whatever it craves for and maintain a healthy balance.

3. Learn to say ‘NO’

Are you saying yes to anything and everything, even when you don’t like certain things? To please others? So that others don’t feel bad? But what about you? When you do things to please others and you yourself are not happy, you are telling yourself that you are not important enough, that your feelings are less important and that it is ok to sacrifice. Stop doing that and learn to say NO to the things you want to say NO to.

Learn to say no

4. Stop having negative conversations with yourself

Your body listens to everything you unknowningly feed to it. Show yourself some love and engage in positive conversations with yourself. Make small daily efforts to love yourself and the best way to do that is by start taking care of yourself.

Stop having negative conversations with yourself

5. Do NOT compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Just imagine, If you are wishing to be like someone else, how negative you are about yourself? Be yourself. And be proud of that. If you still want to compare, compare your own growth.

6. Sweat it off

Walk. Run. Dance. Exercise. Stretch. Do yoga. Go to the gym. And sweat it off….!!!


7. Get enough sleep

Prioritise this. Everything else can wait. Once you know how important it is to get 7-8 hours of sound sleep, you would not want to compromise it.

Sleep for 8 hours

8. Go offline and unplug

It’s good to socialise. And it’s important too. But use the internet for good. If you are scrolling and scrolling for no reason, and doing that all the time, you need to moderate that. Unplug and connect with yourself. Your body and mind need your attention more than some meaning less glam on the internet.

9. Breathe deeply

Inhale and exhale. Your breaths keep you alive. Try breathing with mindfulness and you’ll start to fall in love with your body and mind.

10. Read

Those who read would know, why reading forms an important part of self-care. ..!!!

Read more

11. Hydrate yourself

Drink up some water. Take a sip right now. Our bodies love water. Stay hydrated.

12. Stay away from drama and gossip

Care for yourself enough to walk away from the situations of drama and gossip in your life.

Love yourself

13. Let go of what you can’t control

Stop worrying for the things you can do nothing for.

Let go

14. And work towards what you can control

And know the difference between the two.

15. Make time for yourself

Everyday, try to take out some time for yourself. And in that time, do things that you truly enjoy. Do something that you truly love. Go for a walk. Indulge in a hobby. Paint. Spend time with your loved ones. Whatever you love to the core. So, what’s your favourite ‘ME TIME’ activity?

Make time for yourself

16. Go complaint free at least for a day

Be grateful. See more positives. Replace every negative thought with a positive one. Try it for a day and let me know in the comments below about how you feel.

17. Meditate

Absolutely pure form of Self-care.

18. Keep your body clean and moisturised

I love the ritual of taking a relaxing bath and moisturising my body. It always feels good. When I neglect the self care routine even for a few days, my heels start cracking, or lips start getting chapped and that signals me to start taking care of myself. Did you ever feel the same way? Who else is a sucker for moisturisers and hand creams, haha?

How to relax yourself

19. Make time to sip some tea

Start enjoying simple activities like drinking tea. Slow down. You deserve to slow down.

Sip some green tea

20. Spend some time with nature

Embrace nature and give yourself some instant dose of relaxation and happiness.

21. Don’t tolerate shit from others

Let no one treat you badly. Respect and love yourself enough to not tolerate any negativity from people around you. You may politely tell them to treat you nicely. Always maintain a ‘NO BULLSHIT’ zone around you.

22. Declutter your surroundings

Organise your surroundings and Organise your life. Decluttering often declutters your mind and you get more clarity about yourself.

Declutter your surroundings

23. Make ‘Self Care’ a DAILY priority

If you love yourself, nothing better. If you don’t, you won’t start loving yourself in a day. Start small. Start taking care of yourself. Try to incorporate simple daily habits to bring positive changes in yourself. Make deliberate efforts to prioritise self care. Everyday. Good luck.

Self care

All you guys, you may add your thoughts on this, to the list. I would love to know more ways to indulge in self-care.

I would love to learn something new from you. Pour in your comments 🙂