21 insanely practical ways to save money to travel more

I am sure, anyone who loves to travel would end up sharing this article with every fellow traveller !!

Of course, you are here because you love to travel…!!!

I too, love to travel AF.

There was a time when I used to think that only those born with a silver spoon can actually travel all the time.

And guess what I gradually realised? It’s not true.

You can easily save up little amounts of money and start making small local trips with this money. And once you start making this a habit, these little savings can also let you plan international trips. I have done it. It’s practical. Try doing it and see for yourself..!! You can thank me later, haha..!!

Also, Something very important. After reading this list, some of you might say, “Aise mar mar ke bhi kya jeena?” (Why to live a life of being deprived?). Trust me, It’s not like that.

The feeling of enjoying an insanely economical local cuisine in Amsterdam is much more pleasurable than spending endlessly on that same buffet dinner you go every weekend…!! Forget about getting happiness from it, all you end up getting is more fat in your body..!! And also, a big hole in your pocket…!!

save money travel


So, I have compiled a detailed list for you. Not every point is for you. But, Some of the points are definitely for you. Also, you don’t have to follow these all the time. But, You’ll definitely end up saving money using these ideas. You can probably comment about your favourite points, and we can a have a fun discussion in the comments section..!!! Ha..ha.

So here’s the list..!!

1. Set out some money every month SPECIALLY for traveling.

Yes this is important. And yes this is non-negotiable..!!

Don’t wait for the end of the month and after all your expenses to save money more travel. Do it first, otherwise you end up not doing it…!!

Also, People tell me,”Pehle ghar ka rent pay karein ya travel ke liye money save karein?” (I have more important tasks like paying rent of my house than to set aside money for travel..!!)

I can understand your concern. And you are totally right in asking me this question. But here’s the secret. Set aside the amount which is practical for you, which is easy for you. I am not asking you to put aside half of your salary every month and then struggle paying your rents. NO..!!

Eventually, you’ll be surprised how this little amount saved every month, lets you make some local trips at first and then some big dreamy ones too…!!

save money travel

2. Buy during the sale period

First of all, buy what you need and not what you want.

Make a list, and have them all when the prices are low..!!

You would not believe, It’s been so many times that the money which I saved by buying in sale period, I have used it to buy tickets for my trips.

And of course, this is practical only when you know you can wait to buy that thing..!! And, It’s usually that ways. Haha..!!

3. Spend on needs, not on wants

Needless to explain..!!! But asking this question to yourself, every time you buy anything, helps…!!

save money travel

4. Do laundry at home

Do it if it helps you. Or else don’t waste time on it. Though, It works for some people. Laundry bills could be huge in some cities.

5. Share your drive

Ubering again? Think Uber pool, may be..!!

6. Save on heavy bills at the pub

This one is so so so important..!!

Who doesn’t like drinking out?

Everyone, isn’t it?

You are wrong.

There’s someone who doesn’t like it at all.

It’s your wallet.

See, how great I have become at cracking lame jokes..!! LOL

Don’t kill me for it. I just wanted to make my point. Have house parties. Booze more for less. Trust me, you can save huge amounts of money if you save on this one.

save money travel

7. Look out for deals wherever you spend

The competition is huge and the deals are endless. Look out. Sometimes I have saved so much on booking movies tickets, that I have actually booked a train ticket to local places, out of the money I saved by using the deals.

8. STOP spending too much on clothes

We can never have enough clothes, Can we? Then why to waste more money on it?

9. Reconsider your utility bills, May be you can downgrade your mobile bill plan

I have personally advised my friends to reconsider their mobile bills and they end up changing their plans. And they always always always downgrade their plans. Imagine getting a few more bucks every month, year on year?

Not just your own mobile bill, may be of the entire family..!!

And then you may save on Internet bills, cable connections, certain subscriptions you never use, etc. etc. etc. You may add a few in the comments, if something comes up in your mind.

And yes, Do you ACTUALLY read that newspaper or you use it to clean the mirrors of your house? Or you still scroll on those TIMES OF INDIA notifications on your phone? LOL

Reconsider everything.

save money travel

10. Limit eating out at highly priced restaurants

I am a big foodie. I still go out to eat and love doing it. But also, I have started practising moderation and have saved a huge huge huge amount of money by this one..!!!

11. Sell off items you haven’t used in a while

Don’t be lazy. Do it. And book a ticket with the money you make.

Additional benefit : It declutters the space around you and it’s an amazing feeling.

save money travel

12. Reduce wastage

Cook the amount of food you need. Save on food and gas.

Fill up your fridge strategically. If you are storing up a bit too much and throwing things in the bin after a few days, You are not only wasting food but also your money.

Switch off the lights, when not in use.

Don’t let that geyser switch stay ‘ON’, even when you have changed your mind of taking bath today..!! LOL

Wastage is a very wide term. It could be anything. When you say no to wastage, not only do you save more money, but you also feel so good about it.

13. Let people know you love to travel

I have told everyone around me that I love to travel. So Instead of getting materialistic gifts on my birthday, my family members and my friends have actually started giving me gifts which help me make more travel plans.

You never know, this might just work for you. You may get a ticket or a resort or a hotel booking or an Airbnb booked as your next gift.

And trust me, they make better gifts.

Gifts to remember for whole life.

save money travel

14. Look out for more free events in your city for entertainment

Entertainment..!! Entertainment..!! Entertainment..!!

Who doesn’t want that?

Actually, I think ‘Entertainment’ is not a want. It’s a need. No one wants a boring life….!!!

And the good news is that you don’t have to always spend a lot to entertain yourself..!!

And Oh Bangalore….!! How much I love you. Guys as you know, I live in Bangalore and I end up finding so many events of my interest here. And yes, FREE events.

Also, I plan my own walk trails, go running or trekking etc.

You just have to look out. Do you have enough free events in your city? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

15. Keep your distance from irresponsible spenders

If you are surrounded with people who spend irresponsibly, It will only be more difficult for you to spend wisely.

True as fuck..!!

16. Skip the spa and pamper yourself at home

Save this money for those tickets…!! Btw, Massages in Thailand are quite reasonable…!!

17. Stick to the needs while going for grocery shopping

You know how tempting it is to pick those extra things, which you know, you can totally skip buying, when you go to a supermarket..!!

Ask the golden question, “NEED or WANT?” and you would know, whether to buy it or not..!!

Also, you could ask yourself one more question here, “HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY?” to save yourself from picking up those preservative/oil/sugar loaded unhealthy things, your body will thank you for later…!!

save money travel

18. Plan coffee dates at home

Trust me, you can make BETTER TASTING and HEALTHIER coffee at home than those over-rated coffee (and sometimes, sugar-loaded too) at famous cafes..!! It’s good to enjoy those experiences once in a while, though.

19. Visualise travelling more with the money you save

Imagine already travelling to the places you wish to travel to with the money you are saving.

It’s going to motivate you to save more.

Also those who believe in the power of visualisation can understand this point better. Raise a hand, you…!!

20. Ditch those butter loaded popcorn in the movie halls

When I see the prices of popcorn whenever I go to watch a movie, I am like, “Are you kidding me..?!!”

I mean, seriously?

The funda is simple. Outside food is not allowed and you have no option, but to pay huge money for food which doesn’t even taste good. Plus, that aroma from the seat behind you? I know, it becomes irresistible at times..

And I know you want to enjoy your weekend and all that…!! Have a healthy lunch/dinner after the movie, rather than emptying your wallet on the unhealthy food usually served at movie theatres.

Tip : Have a nice meal before your movie. It’s a win-win deal for your wallet and your health.

21. Do it for the love of ‘Travel’, not with a feeling of sacrifice

I saved the most important point for the last. Self-explanatory and extremely true.

Save money for the love of travelling and you’ll be always excited and willing to save more.

To me it’s never a sacrifice, What about you?

save money travel

Happy saving for your next trip.

Hey guys, I loved writing this post. I am sure, from this post, you can take away some practical ways of saving more money for travel. Pour in your comments to let me know what’s your mantra to save more for traveling more. Add on to the list or ask any questions..!! Or just drop a hi..!!

And Share it with those you want to travel with.


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