7 simple ways to live healthier in 2018

Make 2018 healthier using these simple ways:-

1. Fix your sleep routine.


Because that might fix everything else.


When you sleep better, you are full of energy the next day. You are more productive. You manage your time better and you are able to take out time for yourself. And when you have time for yourself, then only you can make some room for including healthy habits in your life. Also, your stress levels go considerably low when you invest in quality sleep. And this is a bigggggggggggg reason to fix your sleeping routine, because stress is a major reason for most of our problems these days. So, time to sleep some more in 2018. haha…!!

healthy 2018

2. Make small changes towards eating better.

Try to include one fruit everyday in your breakfast. Or how about including more greens in your lunch? May be just sipping some more water and hydrating your cells better each day to nourish and detoxify your body from all that festive-binge? Trust me, these small and simple changes will take you a long way. Let me know what changes are you going to make in your eating habits this new year.

healthy 2018

3. Climb Stairs.

That simply means, Move some more. Find reasons to move more than finding excuses not to. In fact, if you have been sitting for a while, I would suggest you to get up and move a little, without any reason. Because your limbs and joints love movement. And you’ll thank yourself for this when you grow old.

healthy 2018

4. Make time for yourself.

I can’t stress on this enough.

Prioritise. You are important. May be, skip on that movie which you are watching for the 17th time and invest that time in yourself. Connect with yourself. And the more you do that, more you’ll want to make time for healthier activities. Exercise. Go out in nature. Get a massage done. Sip some green tea. Remember, self-care is essential, not just an indulgence. Find out more ways for self-care here.

healthy 2018

5. Don’t underestimate the benefits of ‘Deep Breathing’.

Even a minute of deep breathing can do wonders for you. Set a reminder to start with and in no time, it will become a habit. Those who have practising yoga would know that it feels so good to connect with your breath. It’s the best way to feel better instantly. Do you agree?

healthy 2018

6. Stop judging or criticising yourself.

Yes your body and mind doesn’t like that.

Accept yourself. Accept your flaws and mistakes. It’s ok. It really is. The only thing you can do is learn and grow. You are amazing the way you are.

How about some self-love in 2018?

healthy 2018

7. Consider some digital detoxification.

Too much of scrolling over social media in 2017, isn’t it?

A lot of time is wasted unknowingly when we mindlessly scroll over internet.

This time could have been used in so many better ways.

Consider some meaningful real-time conversations.
Spend time with your family.

Have real laugh. Hug someone. Hold hands. Read. Meditate. Spend your time in living these beautiful moments.

We tend to miss on life when we are too glued to our devices. Because with access to endless information on your digital devices, you’ll never have time for these meaningful practices. What do you think about this?

healthy 2018

It’s amazing how simple things in life can make us healthier and happier. Isn’t it?
So, Which good habit/habits are you picking this year?

I would love to help you if you want to know more about living healthier in 2018.

Pour in your comments.