5 Essential Morning practices you can’t afford to miss

Good habits can totally change your life. These basic morning habits are totally essential and cannot be compromised on. Read on.

1. Drink Water

First things first. Body is dehydrated very badly when you wake up. As a result, your body needs more water on waking up. Have a lot of water and nourish each thirsty cell of your body. Have plain water, or lemon water with a dash of honey. How do you like getting hydrated early in the mornings? Pour in you ideas in the comments below.

Drink more water

2. Be grateful and think positive thoughts

How do you feel when you wake up? Happy or sad? And what are your thoughts for the initial few minutes? Positive or negative? Are you ready to jump out of bed to kick start your day? Yes or no? Is every new day exciting or is it as regular as any other day? Exiting or not exciting? These are simple questions which will help you to understand yourself better.

Your morning thoughts are very powerful. And they set the tone for the entire day of yours. Think of good things right in the morning to attract goodness whole day. Think of waking up healthy. Think of your family members waking up fit and fine. Think of the food you are going to eat. When you think of the things you have and appreciate them, you are grateful and thankful. And that’s a beautiful feeling. And when you get used to this feeling, you would not want to crib for anything and you would love to start your day right. Do you agree?

Be grateful and thankful

3. Exercise

Sure, you have the entire day and there’s no need to rush to exercise. But there’s nothing like sweating it out right in the morning. Your body loves it. When you sleep for hours together, your body craves to move and move some more. While you might be lazy initially, but lets admit it, you love your workouts too, isn’t that true? Haha, that went a bit rhyming..!!!

Exercise and stretch

Move. Walk. Run. Jog. Do yoga. Go to gym. Dance your butt off. Anything you love to do.
And you don’t have to ruin your schedule like crazy.
10 minutes. 20 minutes. 60 minutes. Anything is better than no exercise at all.

4. Have healthy breakfast

Have a healthy and nourishing breakfast, probably something high in proteins and good carbs. Fuel up. Fuel up some kickass goodness in you. Because you need energy to shine for the entire day. Make time for that first meal of your day.

Have healthy breakfast

5. Map out your day

What do you want to do today? Be happy. Be productive. Strike off the things off your to-do-list. What ever you want to do, just strategize your day a bit. You never know, 10 minutes invested in doing so in the morning, could save a lot of time later through out the entire day.

Plan your day





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